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Common Home Repair Projects That Require a Professional’s Touch

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When something goes wrong with your home, your first instinct might be to take matters into your own hands. Sure, it sounds easier than having to schedule an appointment with a pro, and you might think you can save some money doing it yourself. The truth is, there are some projects that require a professional’s touch to ensure it is done properly and safely the first time.

Stay Off the Roof

The roof is one area you need to stay away from. Whether it is a broken shingle or a full replacement, trying to do it yourself is a bad idea. For starters, climbing up and down the ladder juggling materials and tools is a feat, and any sort of fall, regardless of how low your roof is, will mean a pricey trip to the emergency room. Manufacturers aren’t going to offer a warranty for products that weren’t handled by a professional either. In addition, if you try to make an insurance claim and your home insurance company discovers that the damage could be due to the fact that you compromised your roof’s structural integrity, they might not accept the claim. On average, for roof repairs, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1,100 depending on how extensive the repair is. A new roof will cost $7,500 or more.

Don’t Mess with Termites

If you’ve ever had experience with termites, you know how much damage these tiny pests can do. The first telltale sign that you have termites chewing their way through your home is their droppings. When termites burrow, they push their excrement up through the holes. It looks like a small pile of sawdust, which is why so many homeowners overlook it. Another sign is small pinholes in window sills, door sills, trim, and your porch. You may even see the winged termites themselves. It is important to have your home inspected once a year, but if you suspect you have termites, quickly find a termite control professional near you to mitigate the problem. You can probably expect to pay $146-$296 in Redmond just for treatment. Depending on the infestation, it could cost more.

Don’t Mess with the AC

Warmer months are approaching so you’ll likely be adjusting the thermostat to keep you and your home cool. When your AC stops working properly, you want to get it fixed stat, but you shouldn’t make repairs yourself. Your AC system runs on 220 to 240 volts of electricity, which can be fatal if you get electrocuted. Tinkering with it is not only dangerous, but it could void your warranty completely, meaning you’ll be responsible for the bill should an issue ever pop up. Chances are your AC stopped running properly due to several issues, not one minor problem, so it is best to have a pro assess and take care of the problem. The cost to repair it all depends on the problem you are having, but House Logic breaks it down for you here. To ensure your HVAC unit stays in tip-top shape all year, change the air filter on a regular basis (a subscription service can deliver them right to your door so you won’t forget).

Re-Piping is for Plumbers

Plumbing issues tend to creep up at the most inopportune time, but there are signs you can look out for to detect plumbing problems before they come serious business. Listen for noises that aren’t your typical toilet flush or shower draining, including your toilet constantly running or hearing water running through your pipes. A sudden change in water pressure or the odor of sewage or natural gas is often a precursor to a plumbing disaster as well. The average cost to fix or replace your pipes depends on the type of pipe it is. Copper pipes cost more than PEX and PVC pipes. For example, according to CostHelper, re-piping a two-bathroom house that costs $3,499 in PEX would be more than $5,000 with copper.

Stay Away from Glass

The windows in your home let in natural light, provide great views, and are aesthetically pleasing, especially when you add interior drapes/shades and/or exterior shutters. However, cracked, foggy glass is an eyesore, not to mention both a danger and a money waster if the glass continues to crack, letting out heat and air. It might seem like an easy fix, but installing new windows takes precision, skill, and special tools, plus it’s extremely easy to break glass. It’s best to hire experienced glaziers such as those at KB Glass and Metal who are not only familiar with and skilled at fitting glass, but can ensure your frame is in good condition to prevent future problems down the road.

Home repairs are a nuisance, but trying to fix it on your own could exacerbate the problem. When it comes to roof repairs, pest control, plumbing, and HVAC, call a pro. You’ll save yourself time, money, and a major headache down the road.